About me

I am a Ph.D. student working on robotics and machine learning. My research interests include leveraging robot manipulation by reinforcement learning, and streamlining robotic systems to fulfill real-world applications. Currently, I am working on equivariant neural networks and model based reinforcement learning.



On-Robot Learning With Equivariant Models
Dian Wang, Mingxi Jia, Xupeng Zhu, Robin Walters, Robert Platt
CoRL 2022, Auckland, New Zealand
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BulletArm: An Open-Source Robotic Manipulation Benchmark and Learning Framework
Dian Wang, Colin Kohler, Xupeng Zhu, Mingxi Jia, Robert Platt
ISRR 2022, Geneva, Switzerland
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Sample Efficient Grasp Learning Using Equivariant Models
Xupeng Zhu, Dian Wang, Ondrej Biza, Guanang Su, Robin Walters, Robert Platt
RSS 2022, New York, USA
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Equivariant Q Learning in Spatial Action Spaces
Dian Wang, Robin Walters, Xupeng Zhu, Robert Platt
CoRL 2021, London, UK
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Two Hybrid End-Effector Posture-Maintaining and Obstacle-Limits Avoidance Schemes for Redundant Robot Manipulators
Zhijun Zhang, Siyuan Chen, Xupeng Zhu, Ziyi Yan
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 754-763, Feb. 2020 (PDF) ` `
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Reviewer: CoRL2022, T-RO2022 Teaching Assistant: CS5180 Reinforcement Learning, CS5100 Introduction to AI